Suriname to request extradition of its criminals in Holland

By NY Net News
Posted on 09 Apr 2011 at 7:23pm

Paramaribo-Suriname will officially request The Netherlands to arrest and extradite criminals of Surinamese origin, who escaped prison and found refuge in Holland, Police Commissioner Humphrey Tjin Liep Sjie has announced. His reaction follows a TV program that will this weekend show that several Surinamese criminals live freely in The Netherlands, without having served their time in Suriname.

Dutch crime reporter Peter R. De Vries earlier this week revealed that he knows the identities of at least nine criminals from Suriname, who fled prisons in the country and now live in The Netherlands. Some of them were sentenced for murders they committed, but evaded lengthy prison times of up to 20 years when they escaped.

Tjin Liep Sjie had previously indicated that there were at least 20 of these criminals, walking around in The Netherlands, but the then Dutch Justice Minister Ernst Hirsh Ballin disregarded the statement. “Maybe out of ignorance or maybe they weren’t well informed on the matter. I don’t know which is worse,” said De Vries, who said it was quite easy to find the addresses of the criminals who he visited and filmed at their homes. “This is intolerable. One of them committed a double murder and escaped from the prison at Santo Boma. The relatives of the people these men have murdered are shocked; one of them, Errol, kidnapped a perfectly honest man, tortured then killed him.”

Police Commissioner Tjin Liep Sjie says the request for extradition will be issued soon, based on a legal arrangement on extradition between Suriname and the Netherlands. If the criminals have acquired the Dutch nationality, Suriname will hand-over their dossiers to the Dutch authorities, so the criminals can be sent to jail there.

He said he was quite pleased with the work by crime reporter De Vries, who had visited Suriname and got to research the documents on the escaped criminals; he eagerly awaits De Vries’ television program this Sunday, for more details.

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